Personal journey


My personal journey of motherhood began in 2008 when I found out I was expecting my first daughter. My husband and I knew very little about parenthood, let alone labor and birth! I gave birth to Natalie in a hospital, medicated and without support. Later, we became aware of our options and planned a Family Centered Homebirth with our second daughter. She was welcomed earthside in a birth pool in our bedroom. That was the day that my eyes truly opened to what birth could be like. The passion ignited in me in that moment.

Laney Sweet (CD, SBD)

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Laney Sweet | dfw birth and bereavement doula

Doula journey


I am proud to be the first Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula with StillBirthday in DFW. I draw from my personal childbirth experiences to offer a more in-depth understanding of how support, or the lack of, can greatly determine the feelings a mother has when she reflects back on her birth experience. After having two very different birth experiences, I developed a passion for childbirth. There are no do-overs in birth and I want you to have a positive, empowering experience for THIS birth!

I have learned through attending many births over the last two years, that every woman births differently and every woman is equipped with primal instincts that will help guide her through her journey. As a doula, my goal is to help follow and enhance those natural instincts in a way that feels comfortable to the expecting mother. Through compassion, a calming presence and continuous support, I am honored to watch babies and parents be born. I am honored to be your doula.

My experience

I am the first Certified StillBirthday Birth and Bereavement Doula in DFW.

Rebozo Certified (Gena Kirby)
DAD Certified (Empowered Papa)
OSHA Certified. 

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