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If you watch my birth videos, you'll notice that most clips are short in length before it rolls to the next shot. Hundreds of these short clips fused together are what will create your video. All I need is 5-10 seconds of a good quality shot and then my camera is back down and i'm all hands on deck! With the help of your partner, who i'll teach how to support you best at our prenatal appointment, you'll always have the support you need. My combined service clients have not felt that either job interfered with one another. When you need me as a doula i'll be there, and in-between those moments I'll film! I feel inspired when I serve families in ways that make them completely satisfied with their births.

We will start out by doing a complementary, no-obligation interview. During this interview you can ask me any questions that would help you better understand what my role of a doula will be. We'll discuss your previous birth experiences and get to know each other! I prefer for your partner to be there as well. I want to make him feel comfortable and involved. We'll talk over how I process the placenta for encapsulation, as well as what vision you have in mind for your birth video. 

Everything you want for your birth-- all combined in one affordable package!

doula + Encapsulation + Videography + Pool Rental

Laney Sweet | dfw birth and bereavement doula


Once we are under contract, you will:

-Have access to 24/7 emotional and informational support to help you prepare for your birth, by phone or email contact, throughout your entire pregnancy.

-Have full use of my extensive lending library full of books on the topics of: Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Newborn Care, and Gentle Parenting Techniques.

-If you would like to birth in the water, I have a professional grade Birth Pool available for your use - included in services! Purchase of liner is sold separately and required. ($20 or $40, depending on which liner you would like.)

-I will meet you and your partner for an in-home prenatal appointment around 37 weeks to formulate a birth plan, discuss your pain-management preferences, teach your husband many hands-on comfort techniques to use during labor and talk over any concerns/fears/hopes. ​

-Discuss your vision for your video. What are your preferences? Color, Black/White, Type of music, How modest? Together we'll create a video to treasure forever.

-When you go into labor, I will meet you wherever you feel the most comfortable and safe. We will labor together until it is time to transfer to your birthing space. I will encourage a peaceful and supportive environment where you feel loved, safe, supported and empowered.

-You will be fully supported through all of the stages of labor and birth. Once your baby is born, I will help with getting baby skin to skin and latched for breastfeeding as soon as you are ready. I will remain with you up until your family is ready to have private time to bond with your precious newborn.

-I will come back to you to do a postpartum visit where we will talk over your experience. I can help with breastfeeding and refer you out to the appropriate resources if you are having trouble. 

-At our postpartum visit I will bring back your finished Placenta Encapsulation capsules, a canvas print and umbilical cord keepsake. This is my free gift to you!

-A professionally edited birth video with private access to your digital file for downloading.

For availability fill out the inquiry form on the contact page.

AIO Package: $1,500