If you are miscarrying right now, or have just found out that when your pregnancy is over your baby will likely not survive, this resource is the right place for you. My heart goes out to you. I am sorry for your loss. ​

Support for you:


There are many types of care that can be given depending on the loss a family is experiencing.  Here are some examples:

  • Prepare Mom with educational tools and coping strategies for the birth and/or loss of the baby
  • Teach Mom and partner how to be advocates for their family while preparing for and experiencing loss
  • Help Mom & partner manage logistics of birth day and/or loss
  • Provide non-pharmaceutical comfort measures during birth and/or loss
  • Foster positive relationships between partners, families, and medical professionals
  • Provide assistance in the planning of a child’s memorial service
  • Help cope with possible traumatic birth experiences
  • Lower emotional & physical stress
  • Provide support for managing care in the NICU environment
  • Identify signs of postpartum depression
  • Refer Moms and families to additional support resources when needed

What is a bereavement doula?


 A Bereavement Doula is a trained professional that offers support through seasons of perinatal loss.  A bereavement doula can provide care prior to, during (first, second, or third trimester) pregnancy loss, still birth, sudden infant death, and NICU care. Bereavement doulas are also prepared to provide comprehensive support in live birth outcomes, in subsequent “rainbow” pregnancies, and in all birth situations.  Bereavement doulas also give support to families experiencing maternal demise.

Holding and honoring space for families where Birth and Bereavement meet

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