I can't even begin to express my appreciation through words for our doula Laney. With the help of Laney's magic counter pressure hands, essential oils, support, encouragement, and attention to what I needed, I was able to have an unmedicated, natural labor and birth experience with our first precious child's arrival. Some complications following birth could have been so much worse if Laney weren't by my side holding me and telling me it would all be ok. Daddy was able to love and support baby (which in turn helped mamma) while Laney comforted me. Laney guided momma(me) and daddy in the process before, during, after labor, and birth. Laney knew just what we needed! We prepared as much as we could before hand with birth classes and Laney was there to remind us of all the things we forgot in the heat of the moment. It was money well spent and momma and daddy would not have done it any other way! Lord willing, we will definitely use Laney's services again for our next child. We are truly blessed and thankful for your doula services. -Tiffany

We met Laney just a few minutes before labor started. Our original doula was stuck in downtown Fort Worth with another mom and we were down in Cleburne. The ice storm had just made its way into town. Our doula had called us about an hour earlier and explained what was going on. For never meeting Laney before hand, I could not have been happier with the way things turned out. I instantly felt connected with her and trusted her completely. I gained a new friend that night, and could not have been happier with her services. -Carly

Laney was a gift from a friend. At least her placenta encapsulation service was. From the time I received the gift to the time that Laney delivered the pills and the the prints to me she was amazingly caring and sweet. She constantly checked in on me, she called the hospital to make sure of the placenta procedures and even when my birthing place changed, Laney did nothing but come to meet up with a smile on her face. She is such a pleasant person and her placenta encapsulation was great, efficient, and the prints were beautiful. Thank you Laney for being the wonderful person you are. -Kitty

Laney offers much more than a service, she offers a comforting presence and encouraging words. She did a fabulous job encapsulating my placenta, I'm so glad The Birthing Tree was part of my birth team! -Robin

​Words could never describe the gratitude that my family and I have for Laney! I had my natural vbac last month and Laney was with us every step of the way! She spent the night with us when we were certain it "was time" (it wasn't) and helped us stick to our birth plan when there were times we felt like giving up. She is amazing and we recommend her to anyone looking for a doula! -Lena

I am so grateful to Laney! She drove all the way to Denton and back to deliver my caps. She came as soon as she got the call that our sweet boy had arrived and even took the most beautiful, professional-level photographs which we will forever cherish. She is very affordable and I'm so happy. Thanks a million Laney! -Bethany 

Laney's sensitivity adds a certain kind of strength to her presence that I find most comforting. I think the best part is that her smile and laughter has brought relief and joy at the right times, which is likely due to one thing: she cares. -Joe

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